Alive in the Anthropocene

Alive in the Anthropocene

zaterdag   09/01  om  19u30
zaterdag   30/01  om 19u30

A humble series of (online) talks and workshops about the challenges humans and our planet are moving into. We're facing an increasing complex world leading us into a ‘sixth extinction’ crisis with an urgent need and desire to move beyond mainstream approaches. With these talks we hope to provide some new insights.

Free Talks

Alder Keleman - Saxena

Feral Atlas: Envisioning Anthropocene Complexity as More-than-Human.
Zaterdag 9 januari 2021 - 19u30

Andri Snaer Magnason

On Time and Water: In Search of a Mythology from the Present.
Zaterdag 16 januari 2021 - 19u30

Andy Robinson

Why Send Police to a Health Emergency? Covid-19, Securitisation, and the Threat of Global Technocracy.
Zaterdag 23 januari 2021 - 19u30

Kris Pint

Living up to the anthropos. Becoming human in the Anthropocene.
Zaterdag 30 januari 2021 - 19u30

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