The Leuven Gymkhana

The Leuven Gymkhana

maandag   21/12  om  09u00
vrijdag   15/01  om 17u00
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The #LeuvenGymkhana is a hybrid online-offline COVID-proof "treasure hunt" around Leuven that will be run during the Christmas holidays. It consists of several posters displayed at strategic locations in the city that represent and visualise some of the relevant actors and issues related to the food system and food strategy of Leuven (Food Connects) integrated in the Leuven2030 roadmap’s program on sustainable and healthy food.

The Leuven Gymkhana is an outcome of a collective exercise developed by 14 Advanced Masters students of KU Leuven along with Prof. Prof. Pieter Van den Broeck and Clara Medina García (PhD researcher at KU Leuven & UCM), as a part of the Institutional Aspects of Spatial Planning (IASP) course, taught in the Departments of Architecture and Earth and Environmental Sciences from KU Leuven.


There are more than 30 posters distributed among 15 locations around Leuven. In each location you will find an introduction of the actor hosting the posters, some of the findings and open questions related to the development of the Food Strategy and the transformation of the food system in Leuven and some questions to make you think. The QR code of each poster will direct you to the online version of the poster, from where you can react to the question raised, “check” your visit at the site and become a member of the #LeuvenGymkhana community.

Find a map of all poster locations and instructions guiding you from one location to another both in the physical posters and in the FoodGymkhana website and Facebook event. Will you manage to find them all?