Leuven is ready to leap. Are you?

Leuven is ready to leap. Are you?

Leuven wint 100.000 euro als finalist iCapital 2018

Who is Leuven 2030?

Leuven 2030 strives for a climate-neutral future for Leuven. Our non-profit organisation was founded by 60 founding members, including the city of Leuven, KU Leuven, Voka - Chamber of Commerce Flemish Brabant, KBC, imec, Eandis, ... and committed Leuven citizens. We have now grown into a solid organisation of more than 600 members.

Leuven 2030 represents inhabitants, companies, civil society organisations, knowledge institutions and public authorities.

This unique partnership is our strength. After all, cooperation is crucial to evolve into a healthy, livable and climate-neutral city. We have the knowledge, the network and the plan to achieve a climate-neutral city by 2050. Leuven is ready to make the future our present and be the climate-neutral city of tomorrow. We are looking for a number of strong partners who want to significantly increase our effectiveness. Partners who are determined to make our ambition come true.

The challenge

Climate action is about more than averting environmental disaster. Viewed through a wider lens, climate action is about seizing social and economic opportunities. It’s about strengthening the knowledge economy, spurring technological innovation, creating jobs, improving public health, expanding green spaces, increasing our energy and materials independence, and inspiring other cities to follow our lead. All of which will help build resilience, and equip Leuven to cope with the effects of climate change when they hit.

Our approach

Leuven 2030 works to reduce carbon emissions in a targeted and result-driven manner. We do this by combining science (scientific framework), social power (bringing people together around projects) and storytelling (inspiring stories about the steps taken).