Strategic experiment 2 - Kessel-Lo

Strategic experiment 2 - Kessel-Lo

Strategic Objective

Surface insights and intelligence about how to build a green community and mobility strategy in Kessel-Lo that builds ownership amongst its citizens and improves quality of life, while meeting the broader transport needs of the city.

Complex Challenges

  • 1. How to grow acceptance, ownership and support amongst citizens in Kessel-Lo for new, disruptive mobility and urban living plans that serve the city beyond the immediate Kessel-Lo community.
  • 2. How to develop a financial model for small/medium/large infrastructure developments that tap into resources beyond public finances, in order to speed up progress.
  • 3. How to work within and across multiple domains of governance - e.g. the province of Flemish Brabant, the city of Leuven, Interleuven, De Lijn and AWV Flemish Brabant.

Experiment Design

  • Component #1: Green District Contract
  • Component #2: Citizen participation & civic experimentation
  • Component #3: Climate Transition Financing
  • Component #4: Data-driven contracting models
  • Component #5: Governance and Regulatory sandbox

Experiment Canvas

Want to take a look at the experiment canvas? You can download it here!

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