strategic experiment 3 - Haasrode

strategic experiment 3 - Haasrode

Strategic Objective

Surface insights and intelligence about how to take an integrated approach (multiple measures at once - renovation, green space, mobility) to climate action that:

  • a) mobilises a diverse range of public, private and civic partners around a common mission for the Haasrode Research Park
  • b) mobilises Haasrode Research Park as a catalyst and test-bed for climate innovation that further accelerates progress in Leuven and surrounding regions

Complex Challenges

  • 1. How to mobilise the business community (private companies & their employees) to support and actively invest in climate action, for both private and public benefit.
  • 2. How to take an integrated approach to climate action that can be an accelerator to ambitious climate measures on the Haasrode business park and beyond.

Experiment Design

  • Component #1: Green District Contract
  • Component #2: Governance experimentation
  • Component #3: Economic Case
  • Component #4: Collaborative Commissioning / collective procurement
  • Component #5: Climate Transition Financing

Experiment Canvas

Want to take a look at the experiment canvas? You can download it here!

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